What Happened B'ween Charan And Mythri Banner?

Satish Kilaru, the close friend of Mythri producers is emerging as a full time producer. He is making a film in the combination of Ram Charan and 'Uppena' Butchibabu.

We have exclusively reported this and the announcement is going to come this Wednesday. Though the Sukumar Writings banner will be part of the project, the whole and sole producer is Satish Kilaru.

Here several suspicions are being heard. Something might have happened between Ram Charan and Mythri? Something else would have happened between Megastar and Mythri during Waltair Veerayya?

Because, the story has come from the director who locked the script with the Mythri banner. But it seems that Ram Charan insisted on doing it for any other producer but not Mythri.

But later it was also heard that Ram Charan was allowed to make the Mythri banner also part of the project just for namesake along with Sukumar Writings.

The story that is intended to be done with NTR in the Kabaddi backdrop of Vijayanagaram is now happening with Ram Charan.

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