Audio-tainted Prudhvi blasts video-tainted Madhav

Tollywood comedian-villain Prudhvi Raj, whose alleged sexcapade jeopardised his political career in YSR Congress party two years ago, has found fault with YSR Congress party MP from Hindupur Gorantla Madhav, who alleged obscene video call triggered huge political uproar in the state.

Prudhvi, who became popular with his “30-years-industry” dialogue, had to face massive attack and pungent criticism from women’s organisations following the surfacing of an audio tape in which he allegedly made a call to a woman saying he wanted to “hug her from behind.”

The leakage of audio tape that went viral in the social media virtually ruined his political career, as he was forced to resign from the post of Sri Venkateshwara Bhakthi Channel chairman and ultimately, he had to quit the YSRC.

Now, Prudhvi is trying to put up a “gentleman” pose and finding fault with Madhav for the alleged obscene video call episode that surfaced on August 4.

“He could get away without any punishment because of his caste support and money power. The party is backing him only because of these two factors,” he said.

He alleged that the YSRC leadership was defending the dirty video of Madhav, only because it appeared to have liked the language Madhav had used against the opposition party leaders.

“The Telugu MPs had a great history in Parliament. But it was all lost because of this dirty video,” Prudhvi said.

The comedian said though Anantapur superintendent of police had given a clean chit to the MP by declaring that the video was fake, the people were very much convinced about the MP’s dirty behaviour.

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