US BO: NRIs Reject Thank You

Some films click overseas, but flop in the domestic market. Director Vikram Kumar’s movies like “24” and “Hello” made money in the USA though they underperformed in India. His films are more in tune with the sensibilities of the NRI Telugus. 

But his magic didn’t work this time. “Thank You”, his second collaboration with Naga Chaitanya got rejected all over. The result was the same in Telugu states and the USA. 

The film premiered in more than 200 locations but raked in low numbers. The same continued throughout the weekend. “Thank You” ended its first weekend run with just $165k. 

#ThankYou Thur: $81,047 Fri: $41, 397 Sat: $27,702 Sun: $15k (apprx) Total Weekend Gross: $165k (apprx)

“Manam” grossed $1.5 million in its lifetime. But “Thank You” will end its lifetime gross under $200k. It is a complete rejection from the audience and a big disaster.

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