US BO: Telugu Films' Dismal Show Continues

For the second consecutive week, Telugu films have posted low numbers at the American box office.

Last weekend, Kiran Abbavaram starrer “Sammathame” was released in many locations. As Kiran made a name for himself with his previous films, the distributor went for a wider release for this movie.

However, “Sammathame” could barely collect 55k dollars on the first weekend. It is a flop show.

Sammathame: Fri: $25,851 Sat: $19,639 Sun: 9k apprx Toal: $55k

On the other hand, Kamal Haasan’s “Vikram” has reached its closing run. The film has collected $2.8 million so far. It may add a couple of thousands to its kitty. It is the most prominent Tamil blockbuster in recent times.

Adivi Sesh’s much-hyped “Major” could not add a large amount to its kitty after the first week. It ended the theatrical run. So is the case with Nani’s “Ante Sundaraniki”.

Vikram: $2.8 million
Ante Sundaraniki - $1.13 million
Major: $1.14 million

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