Brahmanandam About His Part Time Acting

Brahmanandam says that he is not giving rest to his career but only to his body. He confessed that he is getting many opportunities to act but he is voluntarily confined only to a few. 

"Many say that I come at 9 AM and leave the sets by 6 PM. There is also a talk that I relax between 1 PM and 3 pm. Everything is true. I worked for 3-4 shifts from the last 35 years. I have experience of shuttling between 3 states those days. I also suffered vomiting several times for not getting adjusted to food at different places. I used to spend time dubbing at nights and again used to run to shoots in the morning. Now I feel like giving rest to my body. I don't mind losing some money to find myself relaxed" Brahmanandam shared. 

He also said that he is happy to see memes getting circulated with his images and expressions. 

"I express my thanks to those who create memes with my face. I am not acting in films these days but these guys made me more popular by engaging people with memes. I appreciate their efforts in picking up the right expression for the right meme from my different films", he said. 

Brahmanandam shared that he is spending time with grandson and his painting activity. He said that he is ready to act now and then if the time table is not hectic.

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