Why Do So Many Hearts Cry For SPB?

When the nation first came to know that S P Balasubrahmanyam was kept on ventilator last month, there were tremors all over. 

The people in the four South Indian states and a large part of North India have experienced shock and expressed their love and extended prayers so openly on social media for his speedy recovery. 

Nature seemed to have responded to the prayers and he was brought back to a stable state from the  critical stage. 

A large part of Indian population who have grown up listening to his songs got relieved from the agony assuming that he will come back soon, albeit he may take a long time to recover. 

SP Charan's frequent updates brought some relief day by day. But the sudden U Turn and his passing left millions in deep grief.

The main reason for this abundant love for him is his most lovable personality by his sweet words, behavior, logic and emotion in what he speaks, responsible talk, non controversial life, the quality of encouraging the upcoming talent and above all the unbeatable talent of being able to sing in multiple voices so efficiently. 

His ability to win the hearts of people belonging to all the languages in such a way that everybody feels him like their own is inimitable. 

His respect for every language and determination to pronounce every word with perfection is a point to be learnt by everyone. 

When someone asked what his mother tongue is, his reply was "Music". Thus, he never distanced himself from any Indian. He is so intelligent, shrewd and at the same time truthful. 

His 54 years of unstoppable career speaks volumes about his passion towards his profession and his regular exercise. He was singing till his last, so actively and so perfectly.

Had he not been affected so badly with Covid-19, he would have easily continued to be active in his career for another decade surely. But the Nature has different plans. Though it had heard the countless prayers appealing to save his life, it could only extend his longevity for 40 more days. 

As humans, we may have many desires but ultimately we have no other choice than bowing down for Nature's decision. Let us continue to live with the treasure he left for us. 

Let us also take something from his life- love for languages, passion to work and living peacefully far from all controversies. 

Usha Chowdary

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