Yellow media spits venom on KCR-Jagan meet again!

Yellow media, which is desperate to create rift between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and between CMs of TS and AP, KCR and YS Jagan, has now made a fresh attempt to create rift between Telugu States and the Narendra Modi government at the Centre.

Eenadu daily carried a banner story today stating that "Jagan, KCR are upset at Centre'.

Eenadu tried to project the meeting between KCR and Jagan held at Pragathi Bhavan yesterday as a meeting to discuss on how to take on PM Modi and the Central government, who are showing discrimination against Telugu States.

While the meeting was held by KCR with Jagan with the main agenda of linking Krishna and Godavari rivers, diversion of Godavari water to Srisailam and Nagarjuna Sagar projects for the mutual benefit of AP and Telangana, Eenadu twisted this as a 'political meeting' to conspire against Modi and the Centre.

Though Telangana CMO issued an official press release over what transpired between both the CMs, Eenadu ignored it.

Telangana CMO clearly stated that both the CMs discussed about Godavari water diversion, resolution of pending bifurcation related issues etc, Eenadu with a vested interest to create rift between Modi and Telugu States, cooked up a false political story and published it prominently as a banner item.

AP Chief Minister's Office was quick to respond condemning Eenadu's fake news on KCR-Jagan meeting.

It issued a statement clarifying that no political issues were discussed in the meeting and only the issue of Godavari water diversion and pending bifurcation issues betweeen TS and AP were discussed.

It codemned Eenadu's news report published with a malafide intention.

Yellow media is still unable to digest the yellow party losing power in AP and also losing its existense completely in Telangana.

With no scope left to create rift between Jagan and KCR as both are working for the mutual benefit of both the Telugu States, the yellow media in now trying to project as if Jagan and KCR ganged up to fight against Modi and Centre.

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