Why these media ignored Naidu's scams?

YSR Congress party on Friday found fault with a section of media for being biased towards Telugu Desam Party president and former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu and ignoring his corrupt deeds.

Former MP and YSRC secretary C Ramachandraiah alleged that the writings of certain media, particularly yellow media, were unbridled and were the reason behind provocation of communal riots.

He questioned as to why these media houses did not utter a word when 18 members were killed in an encounter in red sanders issue.

“Did they write about human rights violation in such killings? But the same media is talking about human rights violation in the Jagan government, as alleged by Naidu,” he criticised.

He also questioned the media as to why they had not raised any finger against the mismanagement by Naidu when 23 people died in a stampede during the Godavari Pushkaralu. 

“They did not say a word against Naidu when he engineered defection of 23 YSRC MLAs into the TDP and when he was involved in vote-for-note case. They did not write a sentence against him though he was roaming around the country in private aeroplanes despite the financial crisis in the state,” he said.

On the other hand, the media is running a false campaign to malign Jagan, though it was not even four months since he came to power, he said.

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