Why Is AJ Radhakrishna Opposing Jagan?

There is a reason to believe why Eenadu group chairman Ch Ramoji Rao to oppose YSR Congress party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Ramoji Rao established Eenadu 45 years ago with anti-Congressism agenda.

And when legendary actor N T Rama Rao established Telugu Desam Party, Eenadu played a major role in its victory in 1983 elections because of two factors: Ramoji Rao belongs to the same caste of NTR and he had also opposed the Congress party strongly.

The Eenadu group chairman had been consistent with his policy, even after the death of NTR and emergence of Chandrababu Naidu as the TDP chief. Since Y S Rajasekhar Reddy brought the Congress party to victory by defeating the TDP in 2004, Ramoji Rao took on YSR as well.

Now that Jagan Mohan Reddy has carried the legacy of YSR, Eenadu continued its rivalry with him, though Jagan parted ways with the Congress.

May be Ramoji Rao has a score to settle with Jagan, as his father had created troubles for the former in Margadarshi and other financial issues.

On the other hand, the only other newspaper that has been strongly opposing the Congress party in the past and YSR Congress party now, is Andhra Jyothy which was taken over by journalist-turned-entrepreneur Vemuri Radhakrishna.

In fact, unlike Ramoji Rao who was an out-and-out anti Congress man, Radhakrishna has no such ideological differences with YSR or Jagan.

Except the fact that Radhakrishna is also a Kamma, which has a traditional rivalry with the Congress party, there is no other reason for Radhakrishna to oppose YSR in the past and Jagan now in particular.

The only reason one can guess for Radhakrishna’s anti-Jagan policy is his close affiliation with TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu. In a way, he is more loyal to Naidu than the latter’s son Lokesh.

It is this loyalty factor that seems to have turned Radhakrishna to develop rivalry with Jagan. And the only reason for this close bondage between the AJ boss and Naidu is caste factor.

And if at all there is any other reason, it could be the financial relationship between the two which is keeping them together.

The loyalty is such that both sit on each other lap and console each other whenever there is a crisis. That is what they are doing now!

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