Whistle Director's Dream is to Direct NTR!

Bigil/Whistle director Atlee is in town. NTR Jr’s fans showed their strength at the pre-release event of ‘Whistle’ held in Hyderabad.

When he started speaking on the stage, the fans chanted the name of Tarak and the director didn’t disappoint them.

“My longtime dream is to direct a Telugu film. The good news is that it is going to happen very soon,” he said amidst fans cheering for him.

He was quick to add that it is NTR Jr who has been pushing him to excel in his work right from his first movie. 

“Every time my Tamil film got released, I had received a call from NTR. He always appreciated my work and pushed me to excel. He is such a sweet-hearted person,” he said.

This has made NTR’s fans very happy. However, the combination of Atlee and NTR may not happen next year as well. 

Atlee will be directing a Hindi film with Shah Rukh Khan next year and NTR will be immersed with Rajamouli’s “RRR”.

NTR and Atlee combination may materialize two years later. Ashwini Dutt is said to have given an advance to Atlee to direct NTR.