When Jagan Can Become CM, Why Can't Pawan?

In an attempt to project himself as a fighter among the people, Jana Sena Party chief and actor Pawan Kalyan is going all out to attack YSR Congress party president and chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, defying all elements of logic.

Pawan Kalyan, who is presently touring Tirupati, held a meeting with some advocates where he made some strange comments.

He said when Jagan, who had spent 100 days in jail, could take up padayatra later and become the chief minister, why he (Pawan) could not achieve the same, as he was also going into the people and fighting on their issues.

First of all, Jagan had not spent 100 days in jail but more than 450 days. Secondly, Jagan had taken up marathon padayatra for over a year covering a record distance of 3,600 km. But Pawan had never made any such attempt to understand the people’s issue. His so-called “long march” in Visakhapatnam did not last even two kilometres.

Strangely, Pawan also had a word of praise for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP national president Amit Shah.

“Today’s politics have worsened to a large extent. Only people like Modi and Amit Shah will be able to cleanse the politics. They are the best remedy for present day politics,” he said.

Referring to Jagan’s claim that commitment to fulfil the given word was his caste, Pawan sought to give a strange interpretation to it.

“Does it mean people of other castes will go back on their words?” he asked.

He also found fault with the foul language being used by the YSRC MLAs and ministers in Jagan’s cabinet.

“Don’t your MLAs and ministers know decency? Have they been trained in hurling dirty abuses? What message are they giving to the society?” he asked.

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