Watch: Harish Shankar Has A Story For Chiru, Pawan and Charan!

Harish Shankar has done a movie each with four heroes from Mega Family already. He is yet to do a movie with Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan.

The energetic director is looking forward to work with Megastar as the buzz about him teaming up with Pawan is intensifying.

While talking to Great Andhra, the Gabbar Singh director revealed that he has a story idea that fits Chiru, Pawan and Charan into one film.

He is yet to discuss about the idea with Mega heroes, but he is confident that it would surely work. 

Despite being a writer himself, Harish is inclined towards remake subjects too. Valmiki is his second remake and Harish is not bothered much about it.

"I don't mind much if the subject is mine or not. It is not a bad idea to remake a story that was successful elsewhere. I made ample changes to Dabangg and remade it as Gabbar Singh. Similarly there are a lot of changes made to the original Jigarthanda while making Valmiki," Harish said.

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