'WARNING Massive OPT delays, Lost H1B Jobs'

F1 visa students across the country have reported delays in receiving work authorization and have seen processing times stretch longer than 110 days, resulting in lost future H-1B jobs, unable to definitively tell employers their start date.

Students applying for OPT can plan ahead and apply no earlier than 90 days before their graduation. Given the unforeseen delays, after receiving EAD, Students should avoid 90 days OPT unemployment rule by being proactive.

With OPT students graduating in Fall 2019, time is now for Students to plan OPT filing date, identifying prospective Employer and eventually prepare H-1B case for FY 2021. Once OPT starts, make sure to use it as stepping stone to talk about FY-2021 H-1B sponsorship process.

It's a tough job market, Jobseeker should try to build network starting Day 1 of joining school. While building career, network is your net worth. Network could be Professors, Alumni, Industry leaders, career center contacts, on-campus job fairs, foreign Embassy events, Attorney and more.

The more time one invests, there are good chances of resume reaching direct hiring manager and decision makers. Students looking to build network are using DesiOPT Facebook page of 170K+ F1 visa Students, Alumni and Attorneys.

Future OPT students should create a company bucket list, which is set of companies where one desire to work and qualifications match from first semester. OPT students are searching potential H-1B employers by major and creating a bucket list using DesiOPT jobs by major feature.

Given the uncertainty and short period of time after receiving OPT card, to proactively narrow down the Employers, OPT/CPT Jobseekers are signing up and using DesiOPT resume blast feature to quickly reach 2500+ consulting & corporate companies

DesiOPT.com is a Job portal Connecting Students with Employers. Job seekers can search 30,000+ jobs and connect with employers.

Press release by: Indian Clicks, LLC