Vijay Deverakonda's plea to save Nallamala is heard

It's not often that we hear actors take up social causes to talk about! It's very few of them that actually take up stands despite the fact that it could be a political statement they are making.

And when Vijay Deverakonda decided to raise his voice and speak up about the need to safeguard the Nallamala forests from the clutches of a proposed Uranium mining danger that could destroy the forest, it struck a chord with people.

And guess what, the actor got a ray of hope and a strong hang of support from the Telangana government itself with Minister KTR first releasing a statement that the issue will be looked into, and eventually announcing that they are against it.

A statement was made by both KTR and CM KCR at the assembly stating that they will not give permission for the Central government's proposed uranium mining. 

Well, Vijay is surely a hero not just on the screen but off it too!

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