Superb Buzz On Sye Raa Trailer

The much awaited Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy trailer will be unveiled in a few hours.

Industry insiders who have watched the trailer are going gaga over the visual excellence and action scenes in it.

Ram Charan has spent a fortune on the film in spite of not getting encouraging business offers from Non-Telugu markets.

Sye Raa is one of the most expensive Telugu films ever and it needs to do on par with Baahubali 1 at the box office to be a safe venture. Therefore, trailer will play a huge role in creating the buzz around the film.

Makers are hoping that the trailer would grab the attention of North audience as well as other South Indian audience too.

Sye Raa is about an unsung Telugu warrior who valiantly fought against British with minimal man power. Director Surender Reddy is receiving accolades for making this a visual marvel. 

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