Social Buzz: Bigg Boss Making Them Scapegoats!

A wild card contestant is one of the most interesting aspects of the reality show Bigg Boss.

Introducing a widely popular and crazy contestant into the house after few weeks instils fear into the minds of contestants. They fear elimination because of the new entry and as a result change their game strategies accordingly.

But Bigg Boss season 3 has been a disaster in terms of choosing wild card entries.

First they had introduced a transwoman Tamanna Simhadri, who couldn't control her emotions and got kicked out of the house when she was nominated for the first time. Then they chose Ex Television anchor Shilpa Chakravarthy as the wild card.

Lacking in confidence and totally out of shape Shilpa failed to impress audience in anyway.

No wonder she is currently lagging behind all the nominated contestants. She will be evicted from the house in this weekend for sure.

Bigg Boss has simply made them scapegoats to extend the stay of their existing contestants.

The show organisers should be unbiased towards the contestants, but they are clearly in favor of few contestants like Srimukhi and Punarnavi, allege fans.