Sankranthi Blockbuster F2 Into Profits in 6 Days

F2 - Fun and Frustration is turning out to be super fun for its investors and frustration for its opposition movies.

The film has gone from strength to strength at the box office and made merry at the Sankranthi box office.

The film that was sold for Rs. 35 crore entered profit zone in six days and is eyeing at Rs. 50 crore in its full run.

The film collected more than Rs. 31 crore share in Telugu states in its first six days. It also has become the first film to enter Million Dollar club in USA in the New Year.

The film has surpassed Rs. 10 crore mark in Nizam on its sixth day and is still going strong in all centers.

It has high chances for a solid second weekend with literally no new film to compete with.

F2's first six days collections break up in Telugu states is as follows...

Nizam : 10.51 crores
Ceeded : 4.22 crores
Vizag : 3.95 crores
Guntur : 2.88 crores
East : 3.70 crores
West : 2.08 crores
Krishna : 2.82 crores
Nellore : 1.13 crores

6 days Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Total Share : 31.3 Crores