Saaho Effect: Sye Raa Couldn't Get A Fancy Price Tag!

Rs. 15 Crore for the overseas rights of a film featuring a big star is decent. But given the high budget of Sye Raa, getting only Rs. 15 Crore from overseas rights is a bit of a burden to its producer.

However, the recent trend in overseas market and the disastrous performance of Saaho at North America box office has made it tough for Sye Raa.

With buyers not willing to pay anything above Rs.15 crore, producer Ram Charan had to finally give in and agree to the distributor's final quote.

Phars Films that bought the distribution rights of Saaho has bought the rights of Sye Raa.

The film will have to collect around Rs. 10 Crore share in North America to be a safe venture. Means the breakeven mark would be around $3 Million.

Saaho could collect that much with disastrous talk, but it had Pan India appeal with Hindi version contributing a lot to it.

Although Rs. 15 Crore doesn't seem enough for a magnum opus like Sye Raa, overseas distributors cannot risk more than that going by the recent trends.

Yash Raj Films distributed Saaho in North America, but Telugu distributors like Great India Films, Blue Sky and Weekend Cinema are willing to release it.