#RRR: Fans Disappointed With Rajamouli's Decision

Rajamouli did a wise thing by announcing the release date of #RRR well in advance. He announced the release date more than a year ahead like Hollywood and Bollywood biggies do.

This will not only put the team on the toes to finish off schedules on time but also avoids competition from other films that are planning for the same release time.

However, Rajamouli's decision to skip summer season has taken everyone by surprise.

There's no denying that Rajamouli's films don't need peak season to perform at the box office, but we have seen the potential of a Rajamouli movie when it releases during peak season with Baahubali 2.

Although Rajamouli's actual plan was to aim for summer 2020, he decided to push the release date to July 30 to avoid last minute tensions.

Filming of #RRR will be complete by December '19 or January '20 according to Rajamouli. So he is giving ample time for post production and VFX work.

Fans of Tarak and Charan are a bit disappointed with the choice of release date for #RRR.

They are hoping that the film will take on Baahubali 2 records, but missing out on summer release may limit the film's box office potential irrespective of the content is what trade and fans opine.