Ramana Deekshitulu back in action?

The whole of Andhra Pradesh is familiar with the name of ex-TTD Chief Priest Ramana Deekshitulu.

A hue controversy erupted when Ramana Deekshitulu was forced into retirement by the previous TDP government since he had crossed the age of 65.

Deekshitulu had lambasted the government by saying that the stipulations did not apply to hereditary posts such as those of temple priests and questioned the TDP of the need to change age-old practices.

He found support from the BJP and YSRCP who said they would abolish retirement or the posts of temple priests.

Deekshitulu also created a flutter when he visited YS Jagan at ‘Lotus Pond’.

The TDP tried to question Deekshitulu’s credibility by claiming that he had a picture of YSR in his home, framed on the wall. The issue of Ramana Deekshitulu is now in the ‘Court’. 

Meanwhile, following the landslide victory of the YSRCP, Deekshitulu who had met and blessed Jagan again on the eve of elections said it was the beginning of Rama Rajyam and end of ‘Rakshasa Rajyam’ in Andhra Pradesh.

Despite the matter being sub-judice, Deekshitulu is strongly expected to make a comeback into the holy shrine in one form or the other.

More than political affiliations though, what is of paramount importance is that the age-old practices and customs of the holy temple are in no way disturbed unless sanctioned by the experts concerned.

For having appointed a Christian Anitha as TTD Board Member, we can see the fate that has accrued to the TDP Party.

Therefore, YS Jagan would be well-advised to tread with extreme caution in matters related to Tirumala.