Police Arrest TDP 'Paid' Actor

Andhra Pradesh government is whipping the crack on the paid actors recruited by Telugu Desam party who are spreading false information with videos.

Sekhar Chowdhary, a paid actor, was taken custody after he uploaded videos in which he made comments against Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and Minister Anil Kumar Yadav using filthy language.

The recently appointed AP’s digital media director Gurrampati Devendra Reddy sent a warning to all the ‘Yellow paid artists’ who are indulging in fake videos and fake posts on social media to tarnish the image.

He said they would not tolerate if anyone is found posting messages with lies in a deliberate attempt to malign the government.

Sekhar Chowdhary had also acted in videos directed by the Telugu Desam party’s poll campaign. 

Ever since TDP lost in the recent elections, the party has unleashed a campaign against YS Jagan's government using persons like Sekhar Chowdhary to create videos.

Most of these videos are filled with filthy language, fake reports, and misinformation. Thes artistes get paid money monthly from the Telugu Desam Party.