Ram Charan to Outdo Prabhas

The grand event of ‘Saaho’ is a huge success. The way the event was held has opened up the eyes of the top producers.

Though there is nothing new in the event, the grandeur was noticeable. The producers of ‘Saaho’ made it that the look would become a talking point. It indeed did.

Now, Ram Charan is said to be inspired by this event. He is planning to hold on a bigger scale than this event for his father Megastar Chiranjeevi’s ‘Sye Raa’ event.

The film’s teaser will be released tomorrow but the pre-release event will be held next month.

So far, the idea is to hold the event either in Vijayawada or in Tirupathi. But seeing the grand scale of ‘Saaho’ event, he is said to have changed the mind.

Such grand and rich events can only be held in Hyderabad as all facilities are available. Ram Charan is already in discussions with some Mumbai base event companies to come up with new ideas.

“Sye Raa” is being produced by Ram Charan with Rs 250 Cr. The film needs huge publicity in the North Indian market.

“Sye Raa” is scheduled for October 2nd release. The box-office performance of “Saaho” will impact “Sye Raa”.