Bigg Boss - Crazy Contestants And No Shortage Of Drama

Things spiced up in Bigg Boss season 3 in its first week itself. It is getting spicier by the day with some crazy contestants taking on each other at frequent intervals.

There's no shortage of content or drama, but Star Maa is airing only 45 minutes of content during the main episode.

There are two major groups in the house, one led by Vithika and the other has Srimukhi as its mastermind.

A couple of contestants are switching between the groups, but the major tussle is between Srimukhi and Vithika's groups.

Some hot-heads like Tamanna Simhadri, Ali Reza and Rahul Sipligunj are occasionally breaking into fights with other contestants to keep the drama alive.

Ali and Himaja had an ugly spat in Wednesday episode where the former has put his hands into the latter's pant pockets to pull out money (as a part of task assigned by Bigg Boss).

Himaja kicked Ali Reza on his face in defense and that led to a very big argument. Himaja broke down to tears and fell on Ali's feet for kicking him. Tamanna stood up for Himaja when most of the contestants remained silent in this entire episode.

Later Ravi Krishna's hand was cut when he tried to break the glass case with bare hands. The episode ended when Vithika was trying to create a scene by blaming Srimukhi for Ravi's impulsive action.

This group has certainly watched last season and doing their best to calm down after every fight. But they are not in a mood to control their emotions either.