Mojo TV Closed, Staff Divided!

Mojo TV, which became popular in the Telugu electronic media within a short period, has downed its shutters from Sunday and employees were asked not to come to the duties from Monday.

But the management of the channel seems to have created rift among the employees so as to ensure that it can get away without facing any hassles.

It apparently managed to woo a section of 160-odd employees, while majority of them, who were hoping that the channel would run under the new management, are now feeling cheated.

Soon after the management told the staff that the channel would be closed soon, the panicky employees spread the news to their colleagues in the social media, expressing concern over the development. They said the management offered only a month’s salary though it has to pay three months’ salary.

With the news about the plight of the employees getting circulated in the social media and in some websites, another section of the channel employees issued a statement on the Mojo TV channel letter head, saying the management of the channel assured to give three months’ of salary to all the employees and also to accommodate them in other channels depending on the requirement.

The statement made allegations against former chief executive officer of popular news channel TV9 V Ravi Prakash that he had founded Mojo TV with the funds siphoned off from TV9.

It also accused former CEO of Mojo TV of swindling money to be paid to the staff towards three months’ salary.

This statement has angered the outgoing employees of the channel. They lodged a complaint with the Cybercrime Cell of the Cyberabad police stating that “some elements” had forged the statement making false allegations against the ex-CEO of the channel. They requested the cops to register a case and investigate the matter.

Ironically, these employees dragged into the controversy for carrying the report about the statement issued by some Mojo TV employees.

In the police complaint, they alleged that “certain websites” were hand in glove with the elements in spreading the rumours and attached a link of report to the complaint. would like to put the records straight in this regard. It only carried the developments in the channel in public interest and published both the versions of the employees.

It has absolutely no interest in the controversy, except the news that the channel is being closed.

It clearly referred to “allegations” levelled by some employees in the press statement and has not made any direct allegations.