Releasing Today: The Clash Of Flop Heroes!

Two young actors are clashing today at the box office. Bellamkonda Srinivas who has been going through a flop streak is desperately hoping to break it with Rakshasudu.

This is a content rich serial killer thriller that did well in Tamil. The film has solid content and that should help Bellamkonda Srinivas to get back on track.

Rakshasudu is a shot to shot remake of Ratsasan directed by Ramesh Varma. It is an edge of the seat thriller that can keep the audience guessing all the time.

However, the popularity of its original version may not attract a section of audience who had seen the original. Guna 369 is the other film that is releasing today.

Karthikeya who made debut with successful RX 100 tasted a bitter flop with Hippie. He believes that Guna 369 has elements that will impress the masses and youth.

He says that it is a raw film like RX 100 that has potential to set the box office on fire. Arjun Jandhyala, protégé of Boyapati Srinu is making debut as director with it.