Which YSRC MP is joining BJP, Mr Sujana?

The YSR Congress party on Friday gave a strong counter to the mind game being played by Bharatiya Janata Party’s new found MP Y S Chowdary alias Sujana Chowdary stating that several YSRC MPs were in touch with him and were willing to join the BJP at an appropriate time.

“Tell us one name of the YSR MP who is in touch with you, if you have guts. Reveal the name along the proofs,” the YSRC MPs said while talking to reporters in Delhi.

The MPs sought to know whether Sujana was actually in the TDP or the BJP.

“It appears he had joined the BJP and is still acting as an agent of the TDP. Everybody knows that he had joined the BJP only to wriggle out of the case of defaulting of bank loans. If anybody searches his name on Google, he will be shown as bank defaulter and a fraud,” they said. 

Stating that Sujana’s preaching to the Jagan Mohan Reddy government was like devils quoting scriptures, the YSRC MPs said they were content with what they earn to ensure both ends meet and were not interested looting banks like him. 

“He is making a false propaganda against us. He is of the view that like him, every opposition MP will break the constitution and join the ruling party. He joined the BJP without resigning from the TDP. Instead of protecting the interests of Chandrababu Naidu, it is better he should try to strengthen the BJP,” the YSRC MPs said.

They clarified that they could become MPs thanks to Jagan Mohan Reddy, who gave posts and positions to ordinary party workers.

“He gave a lot of prominence to weaker sections. We are all following his foot steps and are working towards the welfare of the state. If Sujana Chowdary makes baseless statements, we won’t tolerate,” the YSRC MPs said.

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