Reel Buzz: #RRR Is On The Right Track

The most anticipated multi-starrer #RRR directed by the numero uno director Rajamouli is on the track to come on scheduled time, according to industry buzz. 

Although there were reports of the film's release date being pushed to Sankranthi 2021, Rajamouli is still confident of finishing it on time.

#RRR is officially slated for release on July 30, 2020 and Rajamouli is doing his best to meet the deadline. 

If there's a slight delay, then the film's release would be pushed to August 12, 2020. Even the lead actors Tarak and Charan have been informed that they could plan their next films from May/June next year.

#RRR will release on the above mentioned dates unless there is an unforeseen delay that happens in the next few months.

Rajamouli has reportedly cut down on the VFX shots to make sure that the post production doesn't require more time. 

Aalia Bhatt and Ajay Devgn's characters also have been reportedly cut down so that they could finish their parts in less number of working days. 

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