Why Is KCR Making Tough For KTR's Succession?

It is clear that one day Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao would ask his son K T Rama Rao to take over the Chief Minister’s chair.

He wanted a smooth succession for his son, mostly at the end of the present term, perhaps a few months before the next round of elections.

It is for this reason, KCR kept KTR out of the cabinet for more than 6 months in the second term, but finally inducted him, along with nephew T Harish Rao, into the cabinet.

While was planning a smooth succession of KTR, things seem to have gone out of the way making it tough even for him to handle it.

The TSRTC strike and the support that the RTC employees are getting from fellow employees’ unions and opposition parties. Even the students have joined the protest against the government.

KCR, a tough nut to crack, will have to come down for the first time and resolve the issue before it blows out of proportion or else, things would not be easy for the TRS or even the succession of KTR in the State politics.

There is a silence volcano in the name of Harish Rao in the TRS for this succession and it might erupt any time, when Harish feels uncomfortable.

If the State boils like this, and if it is allowed to be so, things are not going to be easy for KCR to crown his son, even if the MIM stands by the family.

It is good, at least in the interests of proposed succession of KTR, if KCR takes a step backward, keep his ego aside, and resolve the RTC strike, if he is seriously wants to have yet another term for him or a smooth succession of his son in the State politics.