Opinion: The Ultimate Insult To TDP

Chandrababu Naidu might not have any self-respect but his cheap opportunism has resulted in the ultimate insult to his Party and community.

The other day, he said that leaving the NDA and aligning with the Congress was a mistake which led to his Party’s electoral debacle.

When will he realise that his Party did not lose because of leaving the NDA but by changing their stance on key issues on a daily basis?

At the time of going to polls, TDP’s credibility among the people was zero. Yet, Naidu still continues to makes contradictory statements even now?

And look at what his lack of self-respect has resulted in. BJP leader GVL Narasimha Rao said the TDP should be merged in the BJP. This is the value of the TDP now.

Before the elections, when Pawan Kalyan went to negotiate a Central Minister berth for himself via the Rajya Sabha route, Amit Shah had proposed a merger of the Jana Sena with the BJP.

That was understandable as Jana Sena was a fledgling Party with a massive following of youth belonging to Pawan Kalyan’s community who were not eligible to vote.

But TDP which has emerged as a strong regional Party and a counter to the Congress when the BJP was still in its diapers has now been reduced to such a pathetic state that it is being asked to surrender its very identity.

If Chandrababu Naidu takes credit for saving the Party from Lakshmi Parvathi by dethroning NTR, then he is also solely responsible for its current, miserable position.

Maybe, what Naidu meant was that had he not left the NDA, he and his Party men might have been spared retaliation from the YSRCP which was inevitable after having subjected them to immense torture during his reign.

It is his utter lack of values that has alienated the Party from the public in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. 

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