Prelude Of Kalki 2898 AD: Epic Journey Into The Future

The makers of Kalki 2898 AD released a series of videos in the name of ‘From Skratch’ to give us a glimpse into the building of the swanky vehicle Bujji.

It was really surprising for the audience when they first saw the beast Bujji at a special event in Hyderabad.

Now, the makers have started to release another set of videos to show the world-building for Kalki 2898 AD.

In the video, director Nag Ashwin is seen explaining his fascination for socio-fantasy and sci-fi movies, and his Mahabharat inspiration for Kalki. Readmore!

He says it was his creative imagination to write a story that happens in Kaliyug, after Lord Krishna ended his incarnation, after the massive battle in Mahabharat.

He assures the audience of an epic journey into the future. The prelude episode is so inspirational.

The makers of Prabhas starrer will be holding a press meet in Mumbai tomorrow with the entire team gracing it.

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