Rs 15 Lakh For Acting Or 'Anything'?

For many entering the film industry, the goal is to achieve success and earn big. But the competition is fierce, luck is scarce, and opportunities are limited.

Although the competition to achieve success is intense, it is not as severe when it comes to earning big.

To survive, some actresses take unconventional paths.

There are rumors about a few actresses who, despite being talented and attractive, haven't been fortunate enough to get big roles and have resorted to alternative means to sustain their careers. Readmore!

These whispers aren’t new but continue to spread. There's talk that when some actresses travel to the United States and Australia on certain occasions, such affairs are monetized there.

Rumors suggest that a couple of lesser-known actresses, struggling to secure significant roles, are making their 'alternative living' by basing themselves at a star hotel in the heart of the city.

Even if they get a film role, their earnings typically range from Rs. 10 lakhs to 15 lakhs. It's said that they are willing to pursue these 'alternative paths' for the same amount of money, if given.

Among these actresses, some started with item songs and gradually made their way to lead roles.

People react differently to this situation. Some dismiss it with a shrug, exclaiming, “Fifteen lakhs...!!!” while others question the sources of those approaching them.

With more people having deep pockets, spending lakhs for personal gratification doesn’t seem like a significant expense, which is why these secret affairs continue with mutual consent.

Despite this, the gossip persists and shows no signs of stopping.

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