YCP Persons' Bribe To Make A Phone Call?

Highlights of corruption and extortion activities carried out by a father and son duo during the last five years of YCP rule are being exposed by internal sources. 

A close source says that this father and son used to ask for bribes even to make a phone call to a collector or officer regarding any grievance of a common person or interested party.

Every help was tagged with a price, becoming a ritual in the last five years, according to the source.

Due to this practice, the party's image got diluted even among the Reddy enterpreneurs and common men. This led to the emotional distance from the party on a whole, as per insider.   Readmore!

In a national media interview before the elections, when Modi was asked why he joined hands with TDP and Janasena, he firmly replied, "I believe the present government will not come back to power due to the kind of corruption some leaders in it did."

Although this corruption was not the sole reason for the defeat, Narendra Modi mentioned it and we may take it as one of many reasons.

The pity is that these corrupt individuals are still close to Jagan Mohan Reddy within the party.

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