Buzz: Ram And Ravikishore Relatonship Strained?

Gossip is rife in Tollywood, and the latest rumor is that the bond between hero Ram and his uncle Sravanti Ravikishore is strained.

Sravanti Ravikishore, who played a pivotal role in launching and nurturing Ram's career, has been a constant support, selecting scripts and finalizing projects for him.

Recently, Ram hasn't had many hits. After iSmart Shankar, he faced three consecutive failures. Now, Double iSmart is experiencing delays.

Rumors also suggest that Ram's insistence on high remuneration is causing issues, though that's a separate matter. Readmore!

Amidst this, there are whispers that Sravanti Ravikishore is distancing himself from Ram’s projects.

When approached with stories, he reportedly directs people to contact Ram directly, advising that Ram prefers high-octane action scripts.

There are indications that Sravanti Ravikishore is now keeping a distance from Ram's affairs.

However, when PR circles were contacted, they denied any rift, stating that Ram and Ravikishore continue to meet frequently and that everything is fine.

Another rumor making the rounds is that Ram has been looking unusually dull lately, though the reason is unclear.

This, too, has been denied by their circles, who insist that everything is on track and there is no cause for concern.

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