Why is C M Ramesh running after Chiranjeevi?

Former Rajya Sabha member C M Ramesh, who is contesting the ongoing Lok Sabha elections in Andhra Pradesh from the Anakapalli Lok Sabha seat, has adopted alternative strategies to appeal to voters in his constituency, realizing the uphill battle he faces to win the seat.

Several factors are working against Ramesh in Anakapalli. Firstly, he is considered a non-local by the constituency's residents, hailing from Kadapa district of Rayalaseema.

The influx of leaders from Rayalaseema into Visakhapatnam district has already caused discontent among the locals, who are reluctant to elect a leader from Rayalaseema.

Secondly, Ramesh lacks a public mandate, having never been elected by the people but rather serving as a lobbyist and a member of the Rajya Sabha. He is perceived more as a high-profile politician than a grassroots representative who fights for public issues. Readmore!

Thirdly, Ramesh is contesting on the BJP ticket, while the candidates from the assembly segments in the Anakapalli parliamentary constituency are from its alliance partners – three from the Jana Sena Party and four from the Telugu Desam Party.

"His alliance partners are more concerned about their own victories than Ramesh's, as endorsing the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections could potentially harm their own prospects," noted an analyst from Visakhapatnam.

Therefore, Ramesh has devised his own strategies to connect with voters.

Seeking support from megastar Chiranjeevi aims to gain acceptance among Kapu voters in Anakapalli. Chiranjeevi's endorsement of Ramesh could sway some voters.

Additionally, Ramesh granted an interview to ABN-Andhra Jyothy channel to increase visibility among various sections of the population.

He seeks to portray himself as a genuine and dedicated politician committed to the welfare of Visakhapatnam and Anakapalli residents.

Furthermore, Ramesh is spreading rumors in the media about the YSR Congress party's potential candidate change in Anakapalli.

While the YSRCP has announced the candidature of deputy chief minister Budi Muthyala Naidu, rumors suggest a possible replacement with Adari Kishore Kumar, who recently defected from the TDP to the YSRCP.

"The objective is to sow confusion among YSRCP members and voters. Kishore lacks credibility, and if he is chosen as the candidate, he is likely to lose the seat. This aligns with C M Ramesh's strategy," sources revealed.

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