Revanth Reddy: Playing a dangerous game

Fed up with the insufferable arrogance of KCR and his family, the people of Telangana booted them out of power electing Revanth Reddy as the Chief Minister.

Revanth Reddy’s victory came as a huge respite to the Congress Party at the national level as it has been virtually reduced to a non-entity by the BJP. Down South, with governments in Karnataka and Telangana, the Congress is now on a better footing.

But The Party is also notorious for its in-fighting and Revanth has his fair share of detractors surrounding him in the Cabinet and PCC.

It will be a fight every day for him to retain the CM chair. Besides, the election promises of the Congress Party are not feasible and could cause public anger soon. Readmore!

And finally, with the BJP being in power at the Centre, he cannot expect the same kind of grants and support extended to BJP-ruled States.

Against this backdrop, what caught everyone’s attention was the bonhomie between Revanth and Prime Minister Modi when the latter visited Hyderabad, recently.

Unlike KCR who never received Prime Minister Modi during his visits to Hyderabad, not only did Revanth accord a grand welcome to Modi, he also referred to him as a ‘big brother’ whose support was essential for the development of Telangana. This naturally set tongues wagging and surely, the Congress High Command must not have been pleased.

A couple of days later, he went to visit Rahul Gandhi and changed his tune there; accusing the BJP and BRS of conspiring to bring down his government.

Also, at the recent ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ show, he hinted at prime ministerial ambitions instead of endorsing Rahul Gandhi outright.

By all accounts, Revanth seems to be following the ‘horses for courses’ strategy. However, this is a dangerous game because he is doing it in such a brazen manner that it would be immature to think that national parties like the BJP and Congress cannot see through it.

Once they’ve sized him up, the Telangana Chief Minister might find to his detriment that politics is a whole different ‘cup of tea’, compared to earlier.

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