Attack on Jagan: Cops spare Bonda, arrest a minor

The North Zone police of the NTR Commissionerate in Vijayawada arrested Vemula Satish on Thursday for allegedly hurling a stone at YSR Congress party president and Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy on Saturday.

Satish was brought before the local court in Vijayawada, and the police requested 15 days of remand.

Interestingly, the police did not mention any Telugu Desam Party leader, especially Bonda Uma Maheshwar Rao, the party's candidate for the Vijayawada (central) seat, in the remand report submitted to the court.

A resident of Vaddera Colony, Satish was apprehended along with others for throwing a stone at the chief minister during the 'Memantha Siddham' election campaign at Dhabakotlu Centre in Ajitsingh Nagar on the evening of April 13. Readmore!

He was identified as Accused No. 1 (A-1), while another individual, Vemula Durga Rao, was named A-2. The police stated that Satish had thrown the stone at Jagan under the instigation of Durga Rao, a political party activist, without explicitly naming the TDP.

The remand report mentioned that Satish, under Durga Rao's guidance, had intentionally hurled the stone at Jagan with the intent to harm or kill him.

"After examining all the evidence and recording the statements of 12 witnesses, we filed an attempted murder case against Satish," the police stated.

Interestingly, senior advocate Abdul Saleem, who represented Kodi Kathi Seenu in a previous case, took up Satish's case. He argued before the court that Satish was a minor and presented evidence to support this claim.

However, the police asserted that Satish was of legal age. Saleem also contended that Satish had no prior criminal record, but the police countered, stating that there were previous cases against him.

Saleem argued that throwing a small stone did not constitute attempted murder, but the police maintained that it was a deliberate act, and thus, the relevant section applied.

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