Jagan Mania In Coastal Region Alarms TDP Leaders

The momentum of the 'Memanta Siddham' Bus Yatra, which commenced in Idupulapaya of YSR district, is steadily increasing with each passing day. 

YCP leader and Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy initiated the Bus Yatra at the end of the previous month, and today marks its 17th day.

Initially, the leaders of the alliance anticipated that Jagan's Bus Yatra would gain significant popularity, particularly in Greater Rayalaseema.

But the support for Jagan's Yatra in Coastal region is surging like never before. Readmore!

After completing the yatra in Prakasam district and arriving in Vijayawada, the overwhelming crowds once again hailed him, reminding the kind of attention he got the opposition leader before 2019. 

Jagan's mere presence incites excitement and enthusiasm among the people, catching even the YCP cadre surprised with such a mania from the people. 

Currently, the Bus Yatra is on course to conclude in West Godavari district before entering East Godavari district.

The alliance's hopes are pinned on Krishna, Guntur, Godavari districts, and Visakha districts. The overwhelming response from the people following Jagan's Bus Yatra in both Godavari districts has left the alliance in shock.

Reports indicate that alliance leaders in those regions are constantly fielding inquiries over the phone, pondering why the public's fascination with Jagan persists.

There is a palpable fear among alliance leaders that if public support continues at this rate, Jagan is likely to reclaim power.

Particularly in both Godavari districts, TDP leaders, who were banking on Pawan Kalyan's political gains, find themselves disheartened by the overwhelming response to Jagan's visit.

The realization that their alliance may be defeating is slowly taking root within the TDP camp.

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