Buzz: Poonam Kaur's Ideas To Samantha?

In the wake of the Andhra election rush, no one paid much attention to certain other issues like phone tapping in Telangana.

Gossip has it that Samantha's phone was among the phones tapped and there were also reports that her 'secret messages' were somehow brought to her the then husband Naga Chaitanya, which resulted in their divorce. 

In this issue, even Poonam Kaur is voicing out her opinions and feelings. 

It's known that both Samantha and Poonam Kaur have contributed towards the welfare of handloom workers and the promotion of handloom textiles. Readmore!

Among them, Poonam Kaur entered first. But Samantha was made brand ambassador to handwoven textiles in Telangana keeping Poonam Kaur, who invested her real passion and time into this, aside. 

Poonam Kaur was upset and shared with her close friends that she had come to know that Trivikram's hand was behind this. 

She shared that she had conceptualized several ideas to promote handwoven textiles in Telangana and had shared them with Trivikram when the relationship was good with him.

Poonam now laments that Trivikram gave away all those ideas to Samantha projecting them as his own.

As Poonam had a tiff with Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram eventually, it sounds believable that he might have orchestrated to sideline Poonam from gaining state-recognized popularity and replace her with Samantha.

Poonam implied that Samantha had the blessings of Trivikram, and thus the placement happened.

Now, regarding the subject of phone tapping, it seems that Poonam is angry about why the people don't speak about the relationship between Trivikram-Samantha and KTR when they maligned her in all possible ways earlier.

It seems that Poonam is telling her close friends that she will not speak now and will speak after the elections. It is already known that Poonam Kaur has made several tweets referring to Trivikram. 

The inside sources also say that Poonam is clearly stating that Pawan is a puppet in the hands of Trivikram.

She says that Trivikram kept Pawan in his grip in such a way that this injustice happened not only to herself but also to Pawan's ex-wife Renu Desai. 

She also confessed that YCP people want her only to speak against Pawan but nothing else, and that's why she is not coming into the media to express openly.

She says that she would come out to say several things out of her heart after the elections are over.

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