Buzz: Relative Throws Satires At The Hero

Some Telugu heroes seem unwilling to deviate from mass cinema, regardless of their track record. They believe that they shouldn't do modest films. However, success doesn't always follow, as hits aren't guaranteed solely by being mass-oriented; a substantial storyline is essential. 

Despite observations from others, some heroes continue to exclusively pursue mass films, often resulting in disappointment. One such young hero, despite experiencing two flops, remains adamant about sticking to mass film narratives.

To pitch a story to this hero, one must first consult his close relative known for his good taste. However, the relative's opinion holds little weight.

Recently, when a feel-good director proposed a compelling story for the hero, the relative dismissed it, insisting on only considering mass movies. Readmore!

When the director tried to explain, the relative said, "Leave him! He is adamant on doing only mass rustic films. We cannot educate him. He believes only in that stuff, though they become flops".

As the hero is a bit popular, he is not in dearth of opportunities and remuneration isn't an issue. Hence, the hero's insistence on mass stories persists. The relative suggests that he may change his mind if he tastes the bitterness of two more flops.

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