Why Krish Delaying Police Investigation?

It is reported that Tollywood director Krish's name has surfaced in the Radisson Hotel drug case.

The police have included Krish as an accused in the FIR and summoned him for questioning. However, Krish informed the police that he could not attend at the given time and would come later. This has raised further suspicions about him.

According to the initial schedule, Krish was supposed to appear before the police tomorrow. However, there is now uncertainty surrounding this. Some speculate that he will appear for investigation tomorrow, while others suggest it might be on Monday. Currently, there is no clarity on this matter.

Meanwhile, some people question why Krish is delaying his appearance. It is believed that if drug tests are conducted promptly after consumption, traces will be detected. Drugs typically remain in the blood for up to 2 days, urine and saliva for up to 3 days, and even longer in hair, especially for regular users.

There are speculations that Krish is intentionally delaying to avoid the tests. However, experts suggest that traces can still be detected in samples even after 4 days. The police plan to collect samples from Krish on the day of the investigation, which does not require court permission. The question remains: will Krish attend the hearing tomorrow?

In a few hours, this situation is expected to be clarified. The police believe that if Krish cooperates, more information will come to light.

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