Mudragada says 'Bye-bye Pawan'!

Veteran Kapu leader and former minister Mudragada Padmanabham, who eagerly waited for an invitation from Jana Sena Party chief and power star Pawan Kalyan to join his party, has given up his hope.

On Thursday, Mudragada formally announced “goodbye” to Jana Sena Party, saying he strongly desired that his services would not be required for just 24 candidates of the party.

“I am praying the God to see that I won’t work for and there is no need for me to work for, a small group of 24 people contesting on behalf of your party,” the Kapu leader said in his letter to Pawan Kalyan.

Mudragada recalled that Pawan Kalyan had promised to come to his village Kirlampudi before 2019 elections.

“Even in January, you sent a message that you would be coming to my house after the inauguration of Ayodhya temple. But you failed to fulfil your commitment,” he said.

He said he had thought of working with Pawan Kalyan without any conditions and demands.

“I thought I would put in my best efforts to take the party forward to do justice to all sections of people. I also wanted to help you serve the people without expecting any results,” he said.

Mudragada said the entire community wanted that he and Pawan Kalyan should work together.

“I was prepared to travel with you, forgetting my past, my travails, insults, aspirations and desires. I expected that both of us would make a strong attempt to bring in a new political culture in the state. I thought you, too, have similar thoughts. Unfortunately, you did not give me such an opportunity,” he said.

The former minister was highly appreciative of Pawan Kalyan extending solidarity with Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu, when the latter was in jail.

“At a time when the entire TDP cadre was afraid of coming out of their houses, it is not an ordinary decision on your part to go to jail and give a lot of moral support to Naidu,” he said.

Stating that it was a historic move, Mudragada said it was because of Pawan Kalyan that Naidu’s image had gone up among the people.

“Whether anyone agrees with me or not, it is a fact that you were responsible for Naidu bouncing  back strongly,” he said.

Mudragada said the people were strongly hoping to see Pawan Kalyan in top position.

“You should have asked for 80 assembly seats and two years of power sharing as part of the alliance. You should have demanded that you would be made the chief minister for the first two years. But you did not dare put forth the demand, which is very painful,” he said.

The Kapu veteran said in his 40 years of political life, he had never craved for money or posts or positions and begged any big leaders for the same.

“I always pray the Almighty that I would not face such a situation,” he said.

He accused Pawan Kalyan of treating him as a last grade person and a rusted iron block.

“That is why you did not come to me, after making me wait for your arrival. Of course, your decisions are not in your hands. You may have to take permissions from others on many issues,” he said and wished the Jana Sena Party president all the best in his attemps.

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