Zee News predicts return of Jagan in Andhra

A latest survey conducted by Zee News has revealed that YSR Congress party is going to come back to power in Andhra Pradesh for a second successive term by securing good number of assembly seats and MP seats.

According to the survey results declared on Wednesday, the YSRCP headed by chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy will win 19 Lok Sabha seats out of 25 in the state.

The Telugu Desam Party-Jana Sena combine is projected to win 6 seats, while the BJP and Congress may not secure any seats in the state.

Coming to the vote share, the survey has revealed that the YSRCP will get 47% votes, while the TDP-Jana Sena Party combine will come close with 44% vote share.

The survey has also disclosed that 38% of voters gave full marks to Jagan’s functioning as chief minister.

However, 34% voters said they were not happy with Jagan and 26% voters said okay. Only two percent of voters did not express any opinion.

If the results are extrapolated with the assembly election results, the YSRCP will get 122 seats, while the TDP-Jana Sena will end up with 53 seats. The Congress and the BJP will draw a blank.

In Telangana, the Zee News poll survey predicts 5 seats for the BJP and 9 seats for the Congress, indicating a competitive electoral landscape.

The Bharat Rashtra Samithi may end up with just two seats, while the MIM will retain its single seat.

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