Revanth foul-mouthing gets him bad name!

Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee president and chief minister A Revanth Reddy is no doubt an aggressive leader, compared to any of his predecessor in the party. 

It is also true that the Congress party in Telangana has become active only after Revanth Reddy took over as the PCC chief. And during the recent elections, his aggressive talk fetched him victory to the party in the state.

But now, Revanth Reddy has become the chief minister and the post has also brought him a lot of stature and dignity. People look at him as the chief minister and not just any other political leader.

So, he needs to speak in a dignified tone, even while attacking the rival parties - including Bharat Rashtra Samithi and Bharatiya Janata Party.

Every word that he speaks or every political comment he makes is scanned thoroughly by the media and the people in general.

But unfortunately, Revanth has not been displaying the kind of dignity he is supposed to while criticising the BRS leaders or even the BJP leaders. He is foul-mouthing BRS leaders, which is unbecoming of a chief minister.

He is particularly using foul words against BRS president and former chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and his son K T Rama Rao, instead of taking their criticism into his stride and giving them a counter in a dignified manner. 

It is evident from the way Revanth Reddy has spoken at the Jana Jathara public rally at Chevella on Tuesday. He used choicest epithets against KCR and KTR.

“Are you a human being? Or an animal in the guise of human being?” he asked KCR.

He even called upon the Congress workers to tie the BRS leaders to neem trees and leave lizards in their knickers.

“I have not become the chief minister just like that, using my father’s influence. If you have guts, ensure that the BRS wins at least one MP seat,” he said.

Calling KTR as “sannasodu,” and “pandikokku,” Revanth Reddy recalled that the BRS working president had said the BRS would have come to power had it had the support of social media.

“All the media houses, including newspapers and television channels, belonged to KCR and his benamis. We don’t have any tubes. But we can break your tubelights,” he said.

On KTR’s statement that the BRS would launch its own YouTube channel, Revanth Reddy said he didn’t mind it all.

“You can also take up broker job at Krishnanagar. It also fetches you big money. What you are not understanding is that the people of Telangana have beaten you with chappals,” he said.

Analysts say it is better Revanth maintains restraint and controls his tongue.

“He has already got a very bad name in public for his ugly comments. He can attack the BRS in a dignified manner. Otherwise, he will only damage the party and bring sympathy towards KCR,” an analyst said.

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