Mahesh Babu Gets Rs 5 Cr On PhonePe?

Superstar Mahesh Babu is an iconic figure in branding. Companies from all over seek Mahesh out for endorsements. One such company is PhonePe. 

A few years ago, PhonePe contracted Mahesh for branding.

Their latest initiative involves a new feature: instead of the usual pre-recorded lady's voice saying 'Rupees Received' when making a payment through PhonePe, they plan to use Amitabh's voice in the North and Mahesh's voice in Telugu. This change will be implemented soon.

For this, as per a hearsay, PhonePe paid Mahesh five crores. It's rumored that Mahesh's endorsement deal with PhonePe is one of the highest in the industry.

Although this agreement is quite old, it raises the question of whether PhonePe will offer a larger sum to capitalize on Mahesh's popularity now. 

Additionally, with Mahesh's Pan-India release of a film by Rajamouli in a couple of years, his popularity might rise further.

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