'Rajadhani Files' Review: Poor Writing- Pure Dreaming

Film: Rajadhani Files
Rating: 1/5
Vinod Kumar, Vani Viswanath, Pushparaj Akilan, Veena Panchaparvala, Pawan, Shanmukh, Vishal Patni etc 
Editing: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao 
Camera: Ramalingam Ramesh Babu 
Music: Mani Sharma
Producer: Kanthamneni Ravi Shankar
Director: Bhanu Shankar
Release: 15 Febraury 2024 

Political films can be from either side. There is an audience for any side of the film. Films like "Yatra," "Lakshmi's NTR," "Ammarajyamlo Kadapa Biddulu," and "Yatra-2" have been released against the TDP. The upcoming "Vyooham" and "Sapatham" also belong to that category. "Rajadhani Files" is a film made against the YCP when it is in power at present. So, people should be interested in what it contains.

Let's see what the content is.

A landlord (Vinod Kumar) and his wife (Vani Vishwanath) live in a village in the vicinity of Airavati (an alternate name for Amaravati). They have a son, Gautham (Pushparaj Akhilan). Since childhood, Gautham has not liked being with people. He is indifferent to people's sufferings and hardships.

After completing his education, he returns to the village. Around the same time, the Praja Kiranam party government begins acquiring land for the construction of the capital.

Farmers refuse, unwilling to give up their agricultural lands that have been passed down from generation to generation.

However, when the village landlord explains the necessity of this sacrifice for the future, all the farmers are convinced and willingly sign the documents, smiling as they give up their lands.

Later, the government changes, and the KRS party comes to power. The new Chief Minister announces that Airavati is not the only capital; there are now four capitals of the state. This sparks protests among the farmers.

Although Gautham initially doesn't connect much with the protest, he becomes involved when he witnesses his mother being stripped by the ruling party leaders. What happens next is the story.

Artistes' Performances:
Vinod Kumar appears on screen after a long time, and he did his best as the landlord.

Vani Vishwanath suited the role of the middle-aged mother well. 

Pushparaj Akilan in the main lead is okay, though not greatly captivating. 

Veena, the newcomer, looks magnetic with her screen presence. 

TV5 Journalist Murthy appeared in a cameo and also took part in an action episode, which felt too cinematic. 

Shanmukh is okay as the main antagonist. Vishal Patni, who appeared in a role similar to that of Strategist PK, is impressive. 

Not much is given for the actor who played the chief minister.

Technical Excellence:
Mani Sharma's music sounded lackluster. It appeared as if he had reused tunes from his past films, which were rejected by various directors. Especially the item song is poorly scored. 

Editing could have been better for this 2 hr 40 min film. 

Cinematography and other technical aspects have no major complaints.


Lack of convincing conflict point
Lack of emotion
Weak screenplay
Dull music 
Poor scene execution
Obsolete dialogues
Overuse of cinematic liberties
Preachy episodes 

Though there is a disclaimer at the beginning of the film that "this film is not intended to hurt the feelings of anyone and the similarity to any character is a mere coincidence," it is not known how true that disclaimer is.

In this, the Chief Minister is always shown playing PUBG. There are three people next to the Chief Minister. One of them is a bespectacled strategist with a shawl around his neck.

Another one is the person who became an MP by selling guavas in the past.

The third person is seen with a white beard and wearing a waistcoat, who had become an MP by writing false financial records for the Chief Minister.

If the main villain is the Chief Minister, the director has shown that these three are part of an evil-four.

The man with the white beard is shown as a rapist and murderer. It's not that great of a spoiler, but one thing to say - in the climax of the movie, the Chief Minister kicks this white-bearded MP into the bathroom and chops him with an axe, prompting another leader to spread the news that he's dead of a heart attack.

This film appears as if there is only a desire to vilify someone though there is no proper reason to point out. The story is woven around the outrage of the farmers, and the atrocities are not shown convincingly and heart wrenchingly in order to make the story work.

In this movie, except for one Chief Minister and his followers, everyone including the voters are good. The voters are so good and ideal that they put the money taken from politcians for voting in a box in front of the polling booths on the polling day. Before counting the votes, the Election Commission counts the money and declares that it is Rs 1 lakh crore. The hero makes a short speech about what can be done with it.

After the film is over, the card says "After a few years." The present Chief Minister who loses his power drives himself and looks at Airavati, which is beyond the range of Singapore with a frown on his face. He stops near a stone slab. He rubs the dirt on the inscribed name "Chief Minister Rambabu Naidu" and leans on it with regret.

It's purely a product of someone's dream, but the outcome feels like a nightmare for the audience. Detractors find it abhorrent, while supporters feel that the director lost an opportunity by not delivering a convincing narrative with impact.

If you go expecting entertainment or fireworks, you will be disappointed. Even the sympathizers of the present opposition parties cannot believe the scenes in this. 

Bottomline: Mission Failed

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