No Remunerations For Mahesh Babu And Rajamouli?

This marks the first time that the star hero and the renowned director are collaborating without receiving any remuneration. Instead, they have opted for a profit share in the overall project.

It is well-known that Mahesh Babu and Rajamouli are working together on the most significant-budget film of their careers, representing Mahesh Babu's debut collaboration with Rajamouli.

KL Narayana is financing this project, with Rajamouli and Mahesh Babu each holding a 35% profit share, while the producer's profit share is 20%.

According to inside sources, the remaining 10% is allocated for investments in Oscar and other international-level promotions.

Mahesh Babu's decision reflects the confidence he has in Rajamouli's craftsmanship, marketing expertise, and proactive approach in maintaining the pride of Indian Cinema.

This film is poised to become the highest-budget film ever made in India, according to sources, and the hope is for it to become the highest-grossing film as well.

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