Real Estate: Next Big Thing For Future Is KCR's Kallakal

Real estate on the northern side of Hyderabad is predicted to be the next big thing, according to realtors. The prices were at ground level one year ago but have now increased by 3-4 times, as observed by experts. The area between Medchal and Kalakkal is bustling with real estate activity.

Kalakkal falls under Tupran Mandal of Gajwel, which happens to be the constituency of KCR, the current Chief Minister of Telangana. This region is silently bustling and is poised to be the next big thing. The proposed Regional Ring Road and the ongoing widening of the National Highway are further enhancing the value of real estate in this area.

After the announcement and inauguration of the Kandlakoya IT park, there has been a surge of interest in the area. Within a 15 km radius, there is growing momentum for open plots, as city dwellers are now more interested in villas and standalone houses rather than apartments that tend to depreciate over time.

Renowned brand Aparna has commenced the sale of open plots facing NH44 near Kallakal under the name Aparna-Urvi. These plots are priced at Rs 42,000 per square yard and include amenities such as underground electric lines, a drainage system, and BT roads. Some realtors specializing in Northern Hyderabad consider this to be a wise investment. Readmore!

One of the prospective ventures in the Kallakal is Swarnamukhi Enclave, which is already owned by a group of individuals who formed an association and are now developing the project both for resale and to construct their own houses. This sprawling 55-acre land is located just one kilometer from NH44 at Kalakkal. The venture boasts BT roads, electricity connections, an underground drainage system, and an overhead tank. Realtors suggest that it would be wise to invest in plots here as they are expected to see the value of sq yard in this venture growing up to Rs 35,000 within the next two years. In fact, a three-story building has already been constructed in this venture.

Another upcoming venture in the region is Green Hub, located facing NH44 at Kalakkal. While it offers reasonable amenities, local residents anticipate that prices may reach between Rs 25,000 and Rs 30,000 per square yard within no time.

Subhagriha's Saharika is another prominent venture situated in the Kalakkal Kucharam region, which realtors rate as a growing hub with the potential to reach Rs 35,000 per square yard in a few months, given its location.

Habitat Silver Oak, located in the same Kalakkal region, has also attracted the attention of investors, although the prices are not currently known.

Realtors suggest that those looking to multiply their investments in a few years should consider investing in the Kalakkal region. However, they emphasize that these projections are made with the assumption that BRS will come back to power in the 2023 general elections. Local realtors also believe that prices will rise once the elections are over and BRS returns to power. However, some caution that the situation may become unpredictable if BRS does not continue in power. Therefore, those who have confidence in BRS remaining in power after the 2023 elections may consider investing in lands in this region, stressing the realtors.

While there are many places in Hyderabad to invest and reap benefits in the coming years, the prices may be quite high and beyond the reach of aspiring investors. However, the Kalakkal region currently offers reasonable prices, making it an attractive opportunity according to realty studies.

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