Andhra Talk: Lokesh Padayatra Failed To Inspire Youth!

It is the sixth day since TDP General Secretary Nara Lokesh launched his historic padayatra from Kuppam.

The ambitious 4,000-kilometer long padayatra was named Yuvagalam, with the aim of attracting the youth and drawing them in large numbers to secure power in Andhra Pradesh in the next election.

Going by his performance in the last six days, it is clear that Lokesh has failed to draw the youth, let alone the general crowd.

There are more police personnel present at the padayatra than the general public and youth.

Lokesh is surrounded by security personnel, his own bouncers, and local police, who make up the crowd.

While the walk appears dull, his speeches at public meetings are not inspiring.

It is a fact that Lokesh is not an inspiring speaker and is not good at addressing public meetings.

At best, he is somewhat effective in press conferences and closed-door meetings, but not in public meetings.

Despite the hype created before the launch of the padayatra, with NRI teams working around the clock, the event failed to generate the expected enthusiasm in the first week.

There is a long way to go. He has only walked 65 kilometers in the last six days, out of his massive target of 4,000 kilometers.

A lot more needs to be done on the organizational front to make the walk interesting and to draw crowds.

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