Namrata Demands More Money from Producers?

Namrata, Mahesh Babu's wife, is an expert in financial management and oversees all of their business dealings.

Mahesh Babu focuses more on artistic choices such as choosing directors and greenlighting projects. Meanwhile, Namrata handles payments and contract negotiations.

Mahesh Babu is currently filming a new project with director Trivikram, under the working title "SSMB28." A significant portion of filming has been completed this month.

Mahesh Babu is supposed to receive the agreed-upon remuneration, as promised by the producers.

After news of the producers signing a massive deal with Netflix, rumors suggest that Namrata is requesting a larger chunk of the profits and additional pay.

It's rumored that Netflix offered the production team Rs 80 crores for OTT rights, compelling Namrata to demand a larger share of the film's profits.

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