Is Media Ignoring Lokesh's Padayatra?

Yuvagalam, a walkathon led by Nara Lokesh, is a highly anticipated event for the Telugu Desam Party.

The walkathon is expected to cover 4,000 kilometers across the state for a total of 400 days, nearly a year in duration. This program is seen as a platform for Lokesh to establish himself as a future leader within the TDP.

However, there are concerns that the walkathon may not be as successful as the TDP leadership hopes. 

Earlier in 2014, the formula used during Chandrababu's Padayatra, which was a successful event for the party, is missing in this iteration.

During Chandrababu's walkathon, the party made a concerted effort to mobilize the masses and engage in propaganda through media coverage.

Almost all media outlets in Andhra Pradesh covered the event and the in-charges of the constituencies took on the responsibility for expenses.

However, with the current walkathon, there is limited media coverage and the mobilization of people has been less than expected. The constituency in-charges have also been reluctant to spend on the event.

There are concerns that if these shortcomings are not addressed, the 'Yuvagalam' may face challenges as time goes on.

The excitement and buzz from the opening day has already begun to dissipate and it will be up to the TDP high command to maintain that level of enthusiasm throughout the duration of the walkathon.

The question remains whether all TDP leaders will come together to support this Lokesh Padayatra and ensure its success.

Yuvagalam is a highly anticipated event for the TDP, but there are concerns about its success.

The lack of media coverage and mobilization efforts, as well as the reluctance of constituency in-charges to spend, all contribute to these concerns.

The responsibility of ensuring the success of the walkathon rests with the TDP high command.

Even the public is not getting connected to his walkathon as Lokesh is failing to pull the attention.

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